Apollo Dion

DYNADION® – eine Marke der Apollo Dion

Mit DYNADION® bietet die Apollo Dion GmbH hochinnovative Produkte für Leistungssteigerung beim Sport.

Our company

Apollo Dion was founded in 2017.

The idea: forward-looking medical care and cosmetic products with innovative active ingredients and performance spectrums that go far beyond the conventional.

The recipe: learning from nature via biomimetic processes that sustainably combine the best of nature and the latest technology.

Today, Apollo Dion is revolutionizing the following areas with strong branded products:

DYNADION® athleceuticals

DYNADION® athleceuticals – mach deine Haut zum Leistungsorgan!

Die Marke DYNADION® ist mehr als Körperpflege für Athleten – Die DYNADION® Produkte erfüllen ganz spezielle, sportliche Ansprüche. Als Inbegriff von athleceuticals stehen DYNADION® Produkte für Vitalisierung, Revitalisierung, Aufbau, Regeneration sowie Leistungssteigerung

  • in any sporting discipline
  • from sports professionals and amateurs


bebomed® – der natürliche Weg zu gesunder Babyhaut

Die Marke bebomed® steht für innovative, naturnahe medizinische Babypflege. Produkte von bebomed® sind speziell auf die sensible Babyhaut ausgerichtet, wirkt auf der Natur nachempfundene Weise. Dabei bietet bebomed® mehr als herkömmliche Babypflege: Es ist absolut reizfrei & hypoallergen, aufbauend, schützend & regenerierend.


Naturally to the best skin and hair of life

HYPOGEN CARE® ist medizinische Kosmetik für Haut und Haar. Biomimetische Wirkweisen garantieren völlig reizfreie und hypoallergene Produkte – ideal für Allergiker oder sensible Haut.

HYPOGEN CARE® ist die ideale Akut- und Präventivpflege für Allergiker und die ideale Basispflege für jedermann.

DOCTR®s pet care

Mit DOCTR®s pet care bietet die Apollo Dion GmbH hochinnovative, hypoallergene Tierpflege.

DOCTR®s pet care wirkt maßgeblich biomimetisch, d.h. sie wirkt auf naturidentische Weise und kann auf herkömmliche Wirkstoffe, die für Tier, Mensch und Umwelt oft sehr schädlich sind, komplett verzichten.


APOLLOFX - brilliant performance

APOLLOFX performance cosmetics stand for lasting brilliance and sharp contours. Bodies that tell stories - that is the core of every type of body art. The carrier and medium of these stories is always the human skin.

APOLLOFX products create the best possible basis for this:

    • APOLLOFX products strengthen and smooth the skin.
    • APOLLOFX products enhance the brilliance of colors.
    • APOLLOFX products enable sharper contours.
      APOLLOFX products give body art durability, stability and resistance.

Our goals

To implement this target, we build on our own expertise as well as on

  • a strong network of renowned German partners in research & development and in subcontracting,
  • A diverse team connected by a strong corporate culture driven by nature-based innovation,
  • the common goal of creating sustainable solutions, products and value for users of the products and partners, and
  • common values shared by all those involved and the Apollo Dion team.

Our values

Apollo Dion takes responsibility

  • for the environment,
  • for the quality of life, health and safety of the users of our products, 
  • and for all people working for and with us.

We create customized solutions for specific user groups.

In doing so, we solve problems instead of fighting symptoms.

We create innovative, sustainable as well as resource-saving products.

... and all this together with all stakeholders in our environment.

With innovative products and strong brands, Apollo Dion aims to develop leading positions in these areas. The basis is good: Many of the innovations already enjoy patent protection. And we are continuing to research ...

The development of long-term relationships with users of the products and partners is at the forefront of these plans for the future. We plan to steadily expand the product portfolio with customized products and continuously increase the benefits for users.

Managing Director bpc specialties GmbH, Oberhausen, Germany

Expert for biomimetic biopolymers

Professor of Business Administration at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrücken

Expert for business management, human resources management & organizational development, project management

Professor for Product Design in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at THD - Technische Hochschule  Deggendorf, Deggendorf

Expert in product design and technical design

Professor of Biology at the University of Constance, Chair of Cell Biology

Expert on the research focus areas of secretion control, intracellular vesicle trafficking and intracellular signal transduction, and the development and use of new methods.