thermobran© technology

Measurably reduce or increase your skin temperature!

The thermobran© technology allows the temperature of the skin to be increased or reduced in a targeted manner - and this can be physically measured, staggered over a period of up to 3 - 5 hours and by up to 5°C. This allows the thermal exchange between the body and the environment to be controlled and adapted to the requirements of the situation.

The thermobran© effects of DYNADION® are based on a chitosan biopolymer with thermal conductivity properties. It is a hydrogel that builds up an internal thermal water reservoir. This hydrogel is compatible with the cell membrane complex of the skin, as it is biomimetic, i.e. identical to it in nature. The hydrogel is therefore absorbed into the cell membrane complex, i.e. into the uppermost layer of the skin, and acts not only on the skin, but especially in the skin. Due to the skin-identical structure of the hydrogel, its effect is similar to that of the skin and provides natural and completely non-irritating protection.

The thermobran© technology can transport cooling or warming active ingredients into the skin via the thermal water reservoir, store them there and release them into the skin in a targeted manner. This is the basis of the thermobran© effects, i.e. the thermal activity of DYNADION® products.

The thermobran© technology continues to have a thermo-occlusive and self-regulating effect: