NSP© technology

NSP© stands for "natural sun protection".

The NSP©technology forms a micro-protective film in the skin that protects it against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation in a natural way.

NSP© technology strengthens the skin's cell membrane complex and is free from conventional and frequently harmful mineral or organic sunscreen ingredients.

Generally, the human skin adapts to natural radiation exposure to radiation based on the respective skin type and reacts to UV radiation exposure using protective mechanisms such as increased production of eleidin (indication: increased pigmentation/tanning) and increased light callosity (indication: thickening of the skin). However, the body's own protective mechanisms are limited and sometimes need a very long time to react and build-up.

The NSP©technology fills the gap by using a special chitosan biopolymer complex that immediately absorbs UV radiation when the product is applied. 

Chitosan itself does not absorb any UV radiation - its in the NSP©-technology, however, do. These are able to absorb UV radiation and convert it into heat before it reaches the skin.

DYNADION® products containing the NSP©technology form an ultra-thin, barely perceptible micro-protective film in the skin that shields it from UV radiation.

This micro-protective film is not only breathable as well as (salt-) water- and abrasion-resistant, but also maintains its sun protection factor (SPF 60) over a long time.

The film is removed only by intense rubbing - e.g., when drying the skin with a towel - and needs to be reapplied afterwards.

The NSP©-technology is water and sweat resistant - even with intensive, alkaline sweating.