DYNADION® is free from ...

DYNADION products differ® fundamentally from all other brands on the market in terms of their  basic formulations and specific properties.

In addition, DYNADION® completely excludes questionable ingredients / active ingredients - which many others do not do either. Specifically, these are the following ingredients:

DYNADION products contain:

Parabens are salts and esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. The acid has a strong antimicrobial effect and is a high-performance preservative in cosmetics, which achieves maximum preservation results when used in very small quantities. The most commonly used parabens are

  • Methylparabens
  • Ethyl parabens
  • Pentyl parabens
  • Benzyl parabens
  • Phenylparabens
  • Butyl parabens
  • Propyl parabens
  • Isopropyl parabens
  • Isobutyl parabens

The health effects have only been investigated for individual parabens and with varying results.

All parabens are similar in their chemical structure to the female sex hormone oestrogen. They are therefore suspected of influencing the human hormone system - especially as they are easily absorbed through the skin.

Various tests have shown that they influence the hormone system. Parabens could therefore restrict reproduction. Butyl and propyl parabens as well as methyl and ethyl parabens were examined in the studies. However, there have been no long-term studies on humans to date.

Parabens accumulate in the body. This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by the US Department of Health and Human Serviceswhich examined more than 2,500 participants. Women had a significantly higher concentration of parabens due to the increased use of cosmetics.

In 2004, a British study linked methyl parabens to breast cancer, as parabens were detected in the tumor tissue of malignant tissue.

DYNADION® products do not contain any preservatives and are, thus,  completely non-irritating. As a result, multiple side effects can be ruled out - even in case of continuos and heavy use.

Silicones are a group of synthetic polymers - ultimately plastics. Petroleum is often used for this purpose. Silicones have excellent coating properties and have a clear effect.

In skin and hair care, they serve as an oil component, replacing high-quality and costly vegetable oils.

Silicones are inert, so they hardly cause allergies and are well tolerated. However, as substances foreign to the skin, they have no positive influence on the functioning of the skin, as they have been shown to irritate the cell membrane complex and block the transepidermal water exchange with the environment. They are also difficult to break down in the environment (WGK3). Silicones in cosmetic products can be recognized by the ingredients with the endings "-cone" or "-xane". There are also various combinations with other substances, which is why a list of all silicones would be very long.

DYNADION® exclusively uses natural MCT oils - the highest quality type of oil used in hair and skin cosmetics. Especially in case of continuous and heavy use, it is crucial not to block the transepidermal exchange of substances between the skin and the environment.

Sulphates are surfactant salts that are responsible for forced foaming and forced cleansing in cosmetic products. They are so reactive that they break down the skin's protective acid mantle / cell membrane complex to a critical level after just a few subsequent applications, allowing pathogens and foreign substances to penetrate the skin almost unhindered. Simply put, sulphates dry out the hair, skin and scalp. These sulphates also act as carriers for allergens and toxic substances. For example, the penetration of parabens into the skin is accelerated by sulphates. Sulphates also attack the skin's microbiome and thus break down the skin's natural antimicrobial protective film. Sulphates can therefore indirectly and directly trigger skin irritations and allergies. Typical sulphates used are

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium alkyloxysulfuricum
  • Sodium dodecyl polyoxyethylene
  • Ether sulfate
  • Sodium laureth sulfate
  • Sodium lauryl ether sulfate
  • Sodium polyoxyethylene (1-4) dodecyl ether sulfate

DYNADION® products do not contain any sulphates or anionic surfactants. We only use amphiphilic surfactants, one of the most skin-friendly classes of surfactants, as well as completely non-irritating non-ionic surfactants.

Like sulphates, crosspolymers also damage the skin's natural barrier function and thus lead directly and indirectly to sensitization.

Since 2018, the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Protection has been investigating the health risks of acrylates copolymer. The background to this is the suspicion that the substance can cause tumors.

This class of substances also has poor biodegradability and gets into every type of organism due to its excellent water solubility. More and more microplastics can also be detected in human blood and fatty tissue.

DYNADION®formulations are free of crosspolymers, copolymers and acrylates and are completely non-irritating at this level.

So-called quats are often used as cationic compounds for skin conditioning. All quats also have an antimicrobial effect. However, they are also considered to be skin irritants and allergens and can cause skin irritation if used continuously. Quats also irritate the skin's microbiome and the cell membrane complex.

In addition, quats have the highest water hazard class and are therefore considered harmful to the environment. Quats can be identified in the ingredients by the wording "...ammonium...".

DYNADION® uses so-called biopolymers of chitosan instead of quats, which are completely non-irritating and environmentally friendly.

A repellent is an active substance that is perceived by an organism through its sense of smell and deters it without killing it.

The active ingredient DEET (diethyl toluamide) is often used as a repellent. DEET can trigger local skin and mucous membrane reactions, skin irritation, allergic contact dermatitis, skin blisters and itching.

DYNADION® uses a biopolymer of chitosan instead of DEET, which is completely non-irritating and environmentally friendly. There is no irritation even on the mucous membranes. The product is also safe to use on children.

In general:

DYNADION® does not use substances that endanger human, animal or plant health. DYNADION® In particular, products contain no preservatives, no colorants, no formaldehyde, no EDTA, no PEG emulsifiers, no parabens, no kerosenes, no petroleum-based fats and waxes, no petrolatum, no organohalogen compounds such as propellants, no silicones, no sulphates, no microplastics, no harmful alcohols, no hard quats, no soaps, no aldehydes, no synthetic fats, no titanium dioxide, no substances that are harmful to water and the aquatic environment and no genetic engineering.