Turn your skin into a performance organ!
All-biomimetic products without any harmful chemicals or pharmaceuticals
Patented technologies emulating natural mechanisms

Actual  effects and universal applicability:
Training & competition
Prevention & regeneration
Preparation & follow-up

Pioneering new approaches in sports:
Performance enhancement
Injury prevention
Injury treatment

Our mechanisms of action are based on biomimetic principles - i.e. principles mimicking nature. One of the key features of our products is that they produce actual effects instead of merely creating sensory perceptions. The example of our Cooling and Warming product lines illustrates this: 

Cooling for strained athlete

Cooling effects are not achieved by simply using alcohols, but through sustainable active ingredients that particularly regulate perspiration.

Warming for the training session

Warming effects are produced through an actual local increase in body temperature, not through a nerve sensations.


DYNADION® offers a wide range of Shielding & Caring products that provide permanent protection with a broad spectrum of applications - even prophylactically.

Shielding & Caring

DYNADION® bietet mit den SPECIALTIES Produkten langfristige Leistungssteigerung durch verbesserten Halt. Die Sprays basieren auf einem speziellen Keratin-Biopolymerkomplex, welcher über Adhäsion ausladend haftende Eigenschaften auf allen Arten von Oberflächen bewirkt.


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