Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 27th - 29.10.23

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2023 DYNADION hall plan

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon is just around the corner and we will be there. 

📅 **When?** 27.-29.10.23
📍 **Where?** Marathonmall, Mainova Frankfurt Marathon - A4 

**Why should you visit us?**

🔍 **Discover DYNADION® athleceuticals:** Our experts are happy to present you the benefits and potential of our breakthrough products.

🌬 **Cooling Revolution:** Say goodbye to conventional cooling methods! With DYNADION® , you're immersed in a whole new cooling experience.

🔥 **Warming like never before:** Our Warming products set standards and make everything else look old.

🛡 **Protection & Care:** With us, your skin is the focus. We offer products that not only protect, but also care - for an all-round good skin feeling.

Your athletic performance deserves only the best! Unleash your full potential with DYNADION® and take your training and competitive experience to the next level.

Come by, let us advise you and become part of the DYNADION® revolution! We can't wait to meet you. 💪

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